Junfeng and the transformation of "five modernizations"

May 22, 2020
Dongfeng Company is leading the transformation of "Five Modernizations" and leading and promoting the development of new energy vehicles. What should "Junfeng" do?

What does the car of the future look like? This is not a hypothetical question, but a multiple choice question-choose the direction of betting, which determines the prospects for development.

In recent years, "new four modernization" is undoubtedly the most representative direction of the entire automotive industry, almost all car companies are involved in it, Dongfeng company has proposed a "five modernization" layout, namely "lightweight, electric, intelligent , Networking, sharing ".

At the beginning of this year, in the face of the rapid epidemic situation, "Junfeng" did not stop and arranged the layout of advanced development of smart car technology.

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Among the domestic car companies, Dongfeng Company has always been in the first echelon of transformation and development. In terms of weight reduction, lightweight technologies such as lightweight materials, structural optimization, and advanced technology have been fully applied, and the lightweight design capability has been greatly improved. In terms of electrification, not only have many new energy products been launched, but also power batteries, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, Parts and other items have not fallen, and truly "combined business and passengers"; in terms of intelligence, unmanned technology has adopted a gradual and leap-forward parallel development model; in terms of networking, it has been jointly created with Baidu and Botai The WindLink intelligent vehicle system has been updated to version 4.0, leading the industry in intelligent experience; for sharing, Dongfeng Travel, T3 Travel and other travel platforms have been launched.

Each of the five directions has its own focus and full force. Moreover, after years of technology accumulation, it has now taken the lead in entering the application period.

Recently, an extraordinary "5G + driverless empowerment smart port" cloud conference was held simultaneously in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Wuhan, Shiyan and Hong Kong. Dongfeng, COSCO Shipping and China Mobile jointly released the 5G + wisdom The port has witnessed many achievements and witnessed the demonstration of the unmanned truck collection operation of the COSCO Shipping Port Xiamen Yuanhai Terminal, which marked the first customized platform port unmanned container truck of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, which passed the actual production and operation test.

At Xiamen Yuanhai Wharf, a self-driving port unmanned container truck travels from the front of the wharf to all the way, during which it can automatically avoid obstacles on the road, complete a series of operations such as accurate alignment with the tire crane, and yard drop box , Successfully completed the loading and unloading ship operation process ...

This scene full of future science and technology, we have only seen in the movie before. But now, not only has it become a reality, but it will be used in batches. In the context of the country's vigorous promotion of "new infrastructure", "5G + driverless smart port" not only embodies the achievements of Dongfeng Company in the field of intelligence, but will also add wings to the development of smart cars. More importantly, it will play a positive role in reducing logistics costs, improving port transportation efficiency and automation rate.

It can be said that as a new product under the new round of scientific and technological revolution in the world, smart cars will not only affect the transformation of the automotive industry, but will also completely disrupt the way of human travel and the urban transportation system.

As one of China's four major automobile groups, Dongfeng Company, in the face of the new era and new opportunities, once again stood on the tuyere, ready to go.

From gradual to leapfrog, Dongfeng Smart Car has obvious advantages

As a relatively closed area with relatively regular vehicle operation, the port is an important scenario for 5G + autonomous driving to land. Carrying out smart car test operations and demonstration applications in specific areas such as ports can verify the smart car environment perception accuracy, scene positioning accuracy, decision control rationality, system fault tolerance and fault handling capabilities, smart car basic map service capabilities, and "human- "Car-road-cloud" system coordination.

The debut of Dongfeng driverless trucks is another demonstration of Dongfeng's strength in the field of intelligent network technology, and it is another breakthrough of Dongfeng after building a "smart city". Prior to this, 36 Dongfeng Intelligent Connected Vehicles have been tested and operated in the Wuhan Intelligent Connected Test Demonstration Zone.

On April 2 last year, the National Intelligent Network Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Hubei) settled in Xiangyang Daan Automobile Inspection Center. As the first domestic automobile test site equipped with 5G base stations and applications, Daan Center has built an intelligent connected vehicle closed test area, which can realize the detection and testing of 56 intelligent network connected scenarios. This is an important signal, which not only affirms Dongfeng's research and development of smart cars, but also indicates that smart cars have begun to enter the actual measurement stage.

At the same time, Dongfeng, together with Xiangyang Municipal Government and Huawei, jointly released the "Intelligent Travel Longzhong" project to create the "Four Major Projects" of Smart Automobile Valley, Smart Travel, Smart Logistics and Smart Transportation Cloud Platform. A model city of smart transportation that promotes the integration of smart connected cars and smart mobility.

In addition, Dongfeng Tianlong KL fleet has completed China's first large-scale commercial vehicle line-up follow-up test; Dongfeng Tianjin is also carrying out trial operation of autonomous driving sanitation vehicles in Changsha, Hunan; the launch of the intelligent logistics freight platform Sharing Box can also adapt to campuses, scenic spots Stadium and other scenes.

In the past year alone, Dongfeng has successively launched the L4-level limited area driverless prototypes Sharing-VAN and RoboTaxi, as well as the Fengshen with the L2 + -level intelligent driving assistance system.

In September last year, a Dongfeng Fengshen Xuan L3 class autonomous vehicle and 6 L2 class autonomous vehicles were first publicly tested on the road from Wudangshan service area to Shiyan east exit of Hanshi highway. The chairman and secretary of the party committee of Dongfeng Zhu Yanfeng personally tried the ride.

This is another outstanding performance of Dongfeng in the field of autonomous driving after the first public show of Dongfeng driverless taxi RoboTaxi on the public road. Zhu Yanfeng also said: "I am very confident in our team and technology. I understand the entire R & D process, and vehicle safety and performance in all aspects are guaranteed."

Cross-border integration, Dongfeng company promotes development through transformation, Junfeng grafts ground-down projects

"With the widespread application of new technologies such as information and communication, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence in the automotive field, automobiles are being transformed from manually controlled mechanical products to intelligent products controlled by intelligent systems. Intelligent connected vehicles have become The strategic commanding height of industrial technology. "Tan Minqiang, director of Dongfeng Technology Center, told reporters that based on this understanding, as early as 10 years ago, Dongfeng began the layout and research and development of smart cars.

As we all know, smart cars are mainly divided into two parts: one is connected cars, and the other is autonomous driving. As early as in the "Made in China 2025" strategy released in October 2016, a road map for intelligent connected cars was promulgated, which kicked off the beginning of the era of intelligent connected cars.

In terms of intelligent network connection, Dongfeng, as a OEM, adopts a cross-border integration method. At the 2018 Dongfeng Brand Strategy Conference, Dongfeng Company, Baidu and Botai jointly released the WindLink3.0 system and released the brand value concept of "Quality, Wisdom and Harmony" to fully exert intelligent networking.

Today, Dongfeng Fengshen artificial intelligence vehicle machine system WindLink has iterated to 4.0. It is reported that this system has deep learning capabilities and will listen and think, making the interaction between us and the car easier and more interesting. At the same time, the voice response speed is fast and the recognition accuracy is high, which can meet the user's convenient interaction needs in different scenarios.

Combined with Dongfeng's non-chemical strategy, the five application platforms jointly operated by Junfeng Company and related departments of Dongfeng, such as the network application car and taxi of the demonstration application, have generated huge repercussions in the industry.
In addition to cooperating with Baidu and Botai, on June 28 last year, Dongfeng and Tencent officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build a new ecology of the "automotive industry Internet". The two parties will use various methods such as capital cooperation, strategic alliances, and project cooperation to carry out strategic cooperation in seven major areas, including connected cars, automotive safety, autonomous driving, smart mobility, smart logistics, joint innovation, and digital transformation, to fully leverage the Advantages in their respective fields to achieve a win-win cooperation of "automotive + Internet".

In addition, Dongfeng also joined forces with China Mobile, Huawei and other companies to build a joint test platform for remote driving systems based on LTE / 5G.

As Zhu Yanfeng said, while technology is driving industry reform, Dongfeng is vigorously promoting the transformation and development of enterprises, accelerating technological innovation and business model innovation, and strategically deploying in emerging business areas to lead the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

In fact, over the years, various car companies have been accelerating the transformation. Toyota has announced that it will transform from an automobile company into a mobile mobility company. BMW will also transform from an automobile manufacturer into a luxury mobility and service automobile service provider. Automation, interconnection, electrification, and sharing / services (ACES) are identified as the company's "first strategy."

In this process, whoever turns faster will be likely to win the future.

Recently, with the exposure of a letter written by Zhu Yanfeng to the employees of the h business department, this high-end new energy brand of Dongfeng Company, which has attracted much attention from the beginning, officially entered the public view.

The past, create the future. Holding the entire Dongfeng brand's upward responsibility and conveying Dongfeng's high-flying courage, the h brand integrates the latest technological achievements of Dongfeng's "Five Modernization", will strive to promote the transformation of traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, and lead and promote the development of new energy vehicles Driven by new thinking, new concepts, and new models, a new chapter in the development of Dongfeng's cause was opened.