Smart electric coupe Dongfeng JF-007 opens reservation

January 22, 2024
Latest company news about Smart electric coupe Dongfeng JF-007 opens reservation

On January 18th, the first model under Dongfeng Group, the JF-007, positioned as a smart and elegant electric coupe, was launched for booking, with overseas booking prices starting at USD25000. Powerful intelligence and high-quality, favored by customers.

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JF-007 has four core strengths of "heartfelt beauty, intelligent inspiration, driving pleasure, and safety quality", as well as the impressive "973" product advantages, which are "9 unique items in the same class, 7 rare items in the same class, and 3 leading items in the same class"; Equipment and performance.


The overall design of the car continues the brand philosophy of "simplicity on the road, beauty on the extreme", with a drag coefficient as low as 0.209Cd. Equipped with the only electric scissor door of the same level, electric tail wing, flippable instrument screen, and butterfly shadow light blanket; The entire series comes standard with trendy equipment such as frameless doors, hidden door handles, and electric liftback tailgates. Equipped with an integrated high computing power intelligent driving system, the entire vehicle is equipped with up to 31 intelligent perception hardware, which can achieve driving assistance functions such as "high-speed NOA navigation assistance driving" and "LAPA beyond visual range memory parking". JF-007 has a 2915mm long wheelbase with over class space.


Thanks to advanced technologies such as Dongfeng Quantum Architecture Platform and Mach E Power, this car boasts extraordinary power performance and ultimate driving pleasure. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds and achieve ultra-low energy consumption in its class.


In terms of power, the e π 007 offers two wheel drive and four-wheel drive options, both pure electric and extended range versions. The maximum power of the rear drive motor is 200kW, and the total power of the dual motors equipped in the four-wheel drive version is 400kW, with zero to hundred acceleration in the 3 second range. In terms of range, the pure electric version has a range of 620km, while the extended range version has a comprehensive range of 1200km. The test drive experience shows that the e π 007 not only provides pure electric acceleration pleasure, but also has good handling and driving pleasure. The 50:50 golden axle to load ratio and ultra-low center of gravity provide support for its excellent driving performance. The chassis tuning is tight, making it more sporty when driving on urban roads, while on the Kinkana track, the minimum turning radius of 5.6 meters demonstrates the flexibility of the body.


Overall, as the first super combustion coupe under Dongfeng, JF-007 showcases the characteristics of ultra-high aesthetics, dazzling intelligence, and strong performance. The cool design, comfortable interior, and strong power make this mainstream pure electric new car a beautiful, fun, and easy to drive new choice.

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