VOYAH Autonomous Vehicle Entry Test Run

January 18, 2024
Latest company news about VOYAH Autonomous Vehicle Entry Test Run

Recently, Dongfeng Group's related technology companies successfully obtained road test licenses for 10 robotaxi vehicles in operation at the Jinji Lake Scenic Area in Suzhou, using "VOYAH" as the basic model, marking the official launch of the first batch of autonomous taxis in Suzhou in 2024. At present, these 10 Dongfeng "VOYAH" unmanned taxis are undergoing road testing. It is expected that after the Spring Festival, Robotaxi vehicles can be arranged for one click ride hailing through online platforms. Users can follow the prompts within the permitted range of the autonomous driving route and enjoy convenient autonomous driving travel services.

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Junfeng Company fully cooperates with demonstration operations and equipment debugging, and has accumulated experience to serve overseas customers in the future.
Dongfeng autonomous taxis will operate approximately 36km in both directions on Suzhou Modern Avenue, Suzhou Avenue East, Xinghu Street, and other road sections. Set up 6 fixed parking points, and virtual stations can be added according to travel needs and road conditions. The route connects the International Expo Center, Suzhou Center, Suzhou Park Station, Jinji Lake Scenic Area, Hilton, Hyatt, and Shangri La Hotel, integrating shopping, play, and rest, allowing passengers to experience "one-stop" intelligent travel services in all aspects. To ensure passenger safety, Dongfeng Yuexiang's unmanned taxi adopts a perception system solution based on multi-sensor fusion such as LiDAR, high-definition camera, and millimeter wave radar, which can achieve environmental perception and rapid response under complex conditions.
As early as the 2023 World Intelligent Transportation Conference, these autonomous taxis had already launched operational services and received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign passengers.
The progressiveness technology and superior intelligent design of YOVAH model provide good help for unmanned driving. Not long after, more VOYAH autonomous vehicles will be operating on the road.

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