The company's overseas after-sales service innovation has achieved remarkable results

March 1, 2022

The company's overseas sales and after-sales services have achieved gratifying achievements under the current epidemic conditions.

At the beginning of 2021, the global epidemic has not improved. How to solve the after-sales service of the company's overseas sales market has become a restrictive factor restricting overseas expansion. In order to meet the needs of market development in the new business environment and solve the after-sales service concerns of overseas users, the company innovatively launched the "overseas remote service platform", which uses modern scientific and technological means to provide services to overseas users remotely, and solves the problem of service personnel "can't go out". " and guests "can't get in" problem. After a year of operation, the platform has basically solved more than 90% of overseas after-sales service problems, allowing overseas users to buy "Junfeng" new energy vehicles and use "Junfeng" new energy vehicles with confidence.

The platform provides basic service guidance, including video and text service guidance, routine use guidance, and basic spare parts reserve information; video remote consultation and maintenance guidance for individual special projects; live broadcast, information communication and exchange of maintenance services. The functions of these platforms have effectively played their due roles, serving the vast number of overseas users in a timely manner, allowing overseas users to enjoy the due services without borders and time difference; at the same time, it also greatly reduces the service cost of the company and customers. .

At the beginning of this year, in order to better play the role of overseas service platform, Junfeng Company made another bold attempt, using the Internet big data technology and the latest technological means, to adopt the "one customer, one platform" model, so that each customer has his own exclusive Service Platform. The innovation is to allow every overseas customer to enjoy the "VIP" treatment, and to ensure that business secrets will not be leaked. After the innovation was launched, it was quickly recognized and appreciated by customers.

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