The future of new energy vehicles is on the road to technological innovation

May 24, 2019
---- Junfeng Company launched a shorthand on the research and development of new energy vehicle technology innovation.

In the early summer of May, Jiangcheng was sunny and everything thrived. The seminar on new energy vehicle technology innovation organized by Junfeng Company is quietly carried out here. The insights from Junfeng Company and Dongfeng Huashen, Shenlong Automobile, Dongfeng Shares, China Power Investment and Financing, State Grid Electric Vehicle Service, Nanjing Mitt Technology Company, Wuhan University of Technology and other partners have made the meeting fresh and refreshing; see the current new The bottleneck of the energy industry has seen the future direction:

---- OEMs and core parts factories, operating companies, financial institutions, vehicle development companies must establish the concept of blockchain, gather together, be centered, back to each other, face challenges;

----Development thinking does not depend on past experience, it is necessary to innovate and develop, and make every hypothesis into reality;

---- Focus on technological innovation, business model innovation, operation mode innovation, resource integration and innovation;

---- Put all the black technology in today into the project, and then do the subtraction; put the black technology of tomorrow into the future pre-research products, and then do the optional;

Everyone in the cooperation is a director, an actor, and we all build a platform to jointly perform our brilliant life.

----We pay attention to the future of all solid-state batteries, pay more attention to high-nickel ternary batteries; at the same time pay attention to the technical upgrading and commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells;

---- We want to know the underlying learning algorithm in autonomous driving, and perform deep training in modules based on specific scenarios; but we would like to know the top-level rule algorithm and perform hierarchical traversal according to the scene;

----We pay attention to direct drive technology and hybrid coupling technology; we are more concerned about the changes brought by the extended program technology to future life;

----We hope to catch up with the current express trains and special trains; we will think more about the future of self-driving travel;

----We pay attention to the safety, speed, economy and convenience in the fast vehicle charging mode; we also pay attention to the economic mode and technology improvement under the power exchange scenario.


(Report by Xiawu)