August 30, 2022
On the 28th, it was listed in Chengdu VOYAH FREE DNA.

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The listed VOYAH FREE DNA is jointly created by VOYAH Auto and the personalized customization brand Genesis DNA. In terms of appearance design, VOYAH FREE DNA adopts a new design concept, which integrates natural life and technological machinery for the first time to create a subversive bionic sports-style appearance, which is integrated with aerodynamic design. VOYAH FREE DNA uses the "Nautilus" bionic mechanical design concept, adopts a smaller air intake grille and a more exaggerated side air intake shape, bringing a strong sense of biological power and aggression. The matte and bright color matching hollow forged wheels, the rear wheel adopts a unique wheel arch design, and the upturned nautilus-shaped rear spoiler creates a visual sense of a nautilus floating in the ocean. Lantu FREE DNA has launched two colors of Tai Chi Black and Tai Chi White, which originate from the traditional Chinese Tai Chi culture. It adopts the dumbest car paint with the highest gloss in the current mass production car, which can show the charm of Chinese ink and wash under different gloss. Create a unique Chinese pioneer performance color.

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VOYAH FREE DNA inherits the performance-level genes of VOYAH FREE and achieves higher performance, with a zero-to-hundred acceleration of 4.3 seconds, equipped with front and rear dual motors, a comprehensive maximum power of 510kW (694Ps) and a peak torque of 1040N m. One of the SUVs with performance parameters (Aston Martin DBX 707 is 707Ps, priced at 4 million), the top speed can reach 200km/h, and the shortest braking distance from 100 kilometers to zero is only 33.8 meters.

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VOYAH FREE DNA comes standard with Michelin high-performance sports tires and 100mm self-adaptive height-adjustable air suspension. The suspension matches five driving modes: economy, comfort, high-energy, outing, and custom. It can be adjusted in milliseconds with speed and can be calmly Cope with a variety of complex road conditions. Pre-order users can also choose a high-performance brake package for 1 yuan (including: customized multi-piston brake calipers, large-sized scribed brake discs, and high-performance brake pads) to improve braking efficiency. As a pioneering sports intelligent driving cockpit, VOYAH FREE DNA is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, which has larger bandwidth, lower power consumption and stronger performance. Vehicle OTA. In addition, VOYAH FREE DNA also has a number of customized wordmarks and nameplates on the front bumper, side, tail logo and interior of the body, showing the unique identity of the limited-edition model.

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VOYAH FREE is the first model of Lantu Auto, which is positioned as a "performance-level intelligent electric SUV". It is currently the only electric SUV in the industry that adopts a dual-power layout of pure electric and extended-range electric. It is equipped with a front double wishbone and a multi-link independent rear. Suspension, air suspension, and 5G intelligent cockpit provide high-quality comfortable travel experience; at the same time, VOYAH FREE also has global safety with intelligent blessing, covering various fields of battery, intelligent assisted driving, body and health, providing users with far more than the same. It has become the benchmark for the value of a 300,000-class SUV.

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VOYAH Dreamer private customized version of the new exterior and interior configuration released

The VOYAH Dreamer private customized version unveiled at this Chengdu Auto Show is also based on Lantu's official personalized customization ecology, which can achieve more personalized and exclusive customization needs for users. The new car offers two new exterior colors, such as Rising Sun Purple, Du Ruobai, Rising Sun Gold and Xuanying Black, and three interior colors including "Purple Mountain Ruixue", "Moyu Tongyun" and "Night Orange".

For the above models, Junfeng has begun to receive orders from home and abroad. (cc_junfeng@163.com)