Who is leading the first year of China's electric off-road? Dongfeng?

August 26, 2022
The rapid development of more than ten years has allowed China's new energy market to flourish, and it has also led the global development in the layout of the industrial chain. In fact, the "new four modernizations" of new energy developed rapidly in the first half, and the rallying call for the second half was sounded in 2022. The expected actions of many domestic and foreign brands show that high-end, personalization, and stylization will undoubtedly become the second half. The core of the competition, and electric off-road is expected to become a new highland to lead this round of competition. Who is more likely to be eager to try?

Electric off-road let the bullet fly for a while

Recently, the Rivian R1T pure electric pickup has appeared in Xiangyang, Hubei and Beijing successively, especially in the Xiaomi Technology Park in Beijing, which continues to arouse reverie. Not only the multinational brands are stealing the limelight, but the new brand layout of domestic traditional car companies has also begun to land. Geely Radar's new energy pickup truck, the new energy off-road vehicle known as "Million BYD", and Dongfeng Mengshi Technology, which has recently ushered in engineering prototype vehicles off the assembly line , also locked the attention of the industry.

Off-road electrocution is nothing new. Tesla’s Cybertruck pickup started out with a tug-of-war that pulled the benchmark of fuel pickups, from Mercedes-Benz’s “big G” pure electric off-road vehicle EQG, Ford pickup F150 electric model F150 lightning, Rivian R1T pickup and other stars Models, it has been announced that electric off-road is no longer a castle in the air, but a general trend.

Technical breakthrough, hard core battle in the second half

As the market enters a new stage of competition, it is imperative for Chinese brands to make technological breakthroughs on the way up. There are various indications that a new track in the smart electric era will be launched.

In the first half represented by "Weixiaoli", the two-pronged approach of intelligence and electrification allowed Chinese brands to seize the global industry opportunities in the mainstream "SMS" (SUV, MPV, SEDAN) product camp, intelligent driving assistance The innovative application of intelligent technologies such as smart cockpit and smart cockpit has refreshed the travel experience. Of course, more importantly, the recognition of electric vehicles by the majority of Chinese consumers has increased year by year.

In addition to the 100,000-200,000 yuan range represented by cost performance and configuration involution, the 500,000 yuan + market represented by luxury experience, advanced intelligence level, and large size is on the rise, and there is no doubt about the trend of consumption upgrading.

If the ultimate task in the first half is to shorten the traditional technology generation gap and achieve corner overtaking, then the core problem to be solved in the second half of the Chinese brand's upward path is how to achieve a real breakthrough in the high-end brand.

It is important to stack high configuration and increase the size, but the luxury recognized by consumers is either rich in history or constantly strengthening its differentiated technology and design advantages in a specific market segment to create a distinct image. The traditional luxury "BBA" does not need to be said much, and the cutting-edge luxury such as Tesla and Rivian also have their own strengths.

From the perspective of the development of smart electric vehicles, in addition to the traditional manufacturing quality, the testing and verification system that keeps pace with the times, and user demand research and other necessary skills, the realization of hard-core technological innovation and application is the only way for Chinese brands to compete upward. and a proving ground for growth.

How do the new forces hatched from traditions take the lead?

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The market targeted by multiple forces is not without mysteries. The new car brands of several traditional car companies that have attracted much attention recently have a feeling of hiding dragons and crouching tigers. "Million BYD" is already a gimmick. BYD's advantage lies in the three-electric technology and mature industrial chain. The goal of entering the off-road is to continue to push up its own positioning, to achieve a differentiated image that distinguishes itself in the mainstream market, and to promote the The high-end echelon represented by Dynasty models and Denza brands continued to push up.

The strength of Dongfeng's luxury electric off-road brand Mengshi lies in Dongfeng's profound accumulation in military vehicle development and application practice, years of systematic development experience in off-road military vehicles, and a large data base. Strict quality tests, off-road mobility, road passability, powerful control logic, etc. are the capital to seize the initiative. According to the current official information, the products of Mengshi Technology will adopt the first skateboard off-road platform in the industry, and have leading advantages in performance indicators such as electric drive assembly and intelligent off-road. The brand has not yet been released, but it has become a hot topic in the industry. focus.

There is no doubt that a big drama around electric off-road has begun. When hard-core off-roaders wear technology and smart coats and head for luxury, we are more looking forward to being a national brand in China, and there are companies that are comparable to world-class luxury brands. Stand up and become the leader of the market pattern trend in the second half, and become a new round example of the strong rise of China's intelligent manufacturing.