Voyah free suv electric car

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Dongfeng Group Brand
Model Number LanTu TREE voyah free car voyah suv electric car 520KM Fast charging 0.5H
Minimum Order Quantity 2 unit
Price FCA (email reply based on different models)
Delivery Time 30 - 45 days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability less than1000pcs/month (Orders must be made 30 days in advance if more than 1000))

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Brand Dongfeng.Junfeng Model As Your Enquirement
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LanTu TREE voyah free car


voyah electric car 520KM


voyah free suv Fast charging 0.5H

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Product Description
    On June 19th, the performance-level intelligent electric SUV Lantu FREE was officially launched. The domestic price (excluding subsidies) was 313,600 yuan-333,600 yuan. Free charging for life, exclusive luxury package, 3 years of zero interest car purchase and 3 years of value preservation were launched simultaneously. Redeem the four time-limited rights and enjoy the privileges for users (event time: June 19, 2021; July 29, 2021).
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   At the same time, Lantu Auto quickly expanded its offline direct sales channels, and 7 Lantu spaces in 6 cities including Wuhan, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Changsha, Xiamen, and Shenzhen officially opened on the 19th.
   According to the four time-limited rights and interests, users can enjoy life-long free charging rights when ordering LAN map FREE. Lantu Auto covers 75% of the public charging resources at high speeds and above cities through the four open charging resources of State Grid, Special Incoming, Star Charging, and Fast Power, as well as charging piles at Lantu outlets, creating a free charging layout, allowing users to worry about mileage.

Junfeng Motor Company will promote the global sales of this model, allowing more high-end users to use Dongfeng's high-end new energy vehicles.

  1.   New car introduction
  2. The new car is positioned as a medium-to-large SUV with a body size of 4905/1950/1660 mm in length, width and height, and a wheelbase of 2960 mm. From the perspective of the price, the new car will face the same competing models when entering the market. It is the ideal ONE for program extension.
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  4.    For the front face part, the two versions of the new car did not show obvious differences. Both adopted the "waterfall" style air intake grille and added chrome trim strips for embellishment. In addition, the design effect of the lower enclosure is richer, which all benefit from the addition of a large number of curved lines. It is worth mentioning that the front and rear fenders of the new car adopt a convex shape, which also makes the overall market effect of the body wider.
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  7.    On the side of the body, the new car uses a curved sheet metal plane to fit the design inspiration from the luxury yacht, and the design of the hidden outer door handle makes the drag coefficient of the whole car even lower. In addition, the turbine-like shape of the aluminum alloy wheels is very eye-catching, and the tires that work with them are provided by Pirelli.
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  10.    The design of the rear lights of the new car at the rear of the vehicle is also the current mainstream style. In addition to the novel arrow feather shape used in the inner cavity, it is also inlaid with a red decorative strip for decoration, which is highly recognizable after lighting. In addition, the "VOYAH" logo at the end is the English name of Lantu, which is derived from voyage and implies exploration.
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  12.   In the interior of the car, the Lantu FREE center console uses a lot of leather materials to highlight the sense of luxury. In terms of layout, most of the space is firmly occupied by a "triple screen", which superimposes a very conspicuous sense of technology. It is worth mentioning that the screen also adds an "integrated" lifting function. When the driver approaches the seat, the "triple screen" slowly rises, showing a sense of ritual.
  14.   In the interior configuration part, the official has not announced the size of the full LCD driving instrument and multimedia screen, but the new car and the ideal ONE do not provide the HUD head-up display function. Other aspects, such as the heating, ventilation, and massage functions of the front seats, wireless charging of mobile phones, 10-speaker Dynaudio and AR real-time navigation are all equipped in the new car.
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  18. In terms of space, the wheelbase of the new car close to 3000 mm is believed to be able to meet the needs of most people, but compared with the ideal ONE, the new car only provides a 5-seater layout, which is not as good as the former in the "emergency". In addition, the second row The seat supports a 4/6 ratio down, and when it needs to be loaded, the trunk can also accommodate more.
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  21. For the power part, Landu FREE has two versions: extended range and pure electric. The main extended range model is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 90kW, while the driving part is equipped with two front and rear engines. It consists of two motors with a combined maximum power of 510kW, maximum torque of 1040N.m, and an acceleration from 100 kilometers in 4.5 seconds. At the same time, the two motors can also play the role of a four-wheel drive system when appropriate; the pure electric version is divided into single-motor version and double Motor version of the two models, the single-motor version only uses the extended-range front motor, the maximum power is 255kW, the maximum torque is 520N.m, and the acceleration from 100 kilometers is reduced to 7.3 seconds.
  22. In terms of power battery, the extended range and pure electric version models are equipped with 33kWh and 88kWh ternary lithium batteries respectively. In terms of range, the extended range pure electric range is 140km, and the comprehensive range reaches 860km, while the pure electric version has single and dual motors. The cruising range is 505km and 475km respectively.
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  27. Lantu, which means "blueprint", is a newly established electric brand in 2018. Compared with the three new forces of Weilai, Ideal and Xiaopeng, it started a little later, but it has a unique advantage, that is, the back Relying on the "big tree" of Dongfeng Group, in the end, whether this new brand can "swing up 90,000 miles" like Kunpeng Zhanping in the future, it depends on whether consumers pay for it? We have confidence!
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