Voyah Dreamer Mpv 5315 X 1985 X 1820MM 45minutes Fast Charging

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Dongfeng Group Brand
Model Number Dreamer MPV
Minimum Order Quantity 2 unit
Price FCA (email reply based on different models)
Delivery Time 30 - 45 days
Payment Terms T/T
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voyah dreamer mpv 5315 x 1985 x 1820MM


voyah dreamer mpv 45minutes charging


LT-Dreamer 45minutes charging

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Voyah Dreamer Mpv 5315 X 1985 X 1820MM 45minutes Fast Charging 0

The world's first electric luxury flagship MPV Lantu Dreamer is launched, and the private customized version shows luxury.

On May 7, 2022, Lantu's second production car, the Dreamer, was officially launched. As the world's first electric luxury flagship MPV, it is currently open for pre-order on the Lantu Auto APP, and deliveries will begin in the third quarter of 2022.

Leading the new experience of MPV luxury travel

Compared with the traditional MPV, the Lantu Dreamer takes the lead in all aspects of comfort. Lantu Dreamer has a wheelbase of 3200mm and comes standard with luxury double-sided electric sliding doors. It has a flexible 2+2+3 seven-seat layout and a privately-customized 2+2 four-seat layout. All seats are chief. As a mobile high-rise flat floor, the Lantu Dreamer can easily carry four 24-inch suitcases without the need to put down the third row. Set up properly. The whole car provides 41 storage spaces. Thanks to the advantages of the electric drive system, the 0 carbon version provides a 40L front trunk, which is safe and private.

Lantu Dreamer not only has a top-notch comfortable space experience, but also creates a new height of luxury that is all-around rolling over the same level. As the world's first new energy MPV equipped with air suspension + CDC and with magic carpet function, Lantu Dreamer realizes the driving quality of an executive-class car by intelligently adjusting the damping of the shock absorber. At high speed, the air suspension automatically reduces the height of the vehicle body, reducing wind resistance and energy consumption. Lantu Dreamer also has a million-level chassis strength of aluminum alloy front double wishbone + rear five-linkage. Compared with traditional fuel MPVs, it achieves the advantages of vehicle passability, driving stability, riding comfort and convenience of getting on and off the vehicle. effective balance.

The Lantu Dreamer is equipped with zero-gravity wide comfortable seats. The second-row independent seats have a 70° large-angle electric leg rest and a backrest with a maximum swivel angle of 155°. At the same time, it is equipped with a sleep headrest, with 3-speed heating, ventilation and massage functions. , using OEKO-TEX eco-textile certified baby protective skin-friendly fabrics, providing the ultimate noble riding experience. Three-zone intelligent air conditioning, pure air management and Dynaudio sound system bring an immersive and relaxing experience. The Lantu Dreamer has more than 80 sound insulation and noise reduction designs, so that the noise inside the car is lower than that of ultra-luxury executive-class cars when driving at 60km/h, 80km/h, and 120km/h. The quiet characteristics brought by it achieves the deep-sea sound insulation effect, which has pioneered the definition of a new height of comfort for MPV.

As the world's most intelligent MPV, Lantu Dreamer is the first MPV in the world to be equipped with Qualcomm's 8155 flagship in-vehicle chip, which has stronger computing power and faster response speed. With the gigabit 5G network, it brings smoother voice interaction, navigation, and audio-visual entertainment experience. . The Dreamer is equipped with a 1.4-meter unbounded through-type intelligent triple screen. The three screens are linked to perform their duties. The main driver and the co-pilot can push navigation, music and other information to each other to meet the independent and exclusive cockpit experience. The whole car is equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radars, 7 cameras, and 12 ultrasonic radars, and supports 26 advanced driving assistance functions, including automatic lane change with turn signals, full-scene automatic parking, remote control parking and other functions. The first model equipped with L2+ driving assistance system, covering all scenarios of car life. The class-leading OTA upgrade function of the whole vehicle makes the vehicle always new, allowing users to continuously experience cutting-edge technological functions. Lantu Dreamer is equipped with a heat pump air-conditioning system for the first time in MPV, which is highly efficient and energy-saving, and makes the body feel more comfortable.

Safety is the first principle of Lantu. Lantu Dreamer is developed with super five-star safety standards, using the world's first 2000Mpa one-piece thermoforming laser tailor-welded door knocker and 2000Mpa aluminum-silicon coated door anti-collision beam, the whole car is made of super 70% high-strength steel to create ultra-high strength Cage cockpit skeleton, redefines MPV cockpit safety. Considering the smaller ground clearance of MPVs, Lantu Dreamer adopts a full-scene battery safety protection system, and pioneered the 1500MPa thermoformed high-strength steel battery pack bottom guard, which leads the battery safety at the same level. Lantu Dreamer is also equipped with active safety technologies such as fatigue driving monitoring and night vision system, which elevates the safety of MPV to a new level.

Compared with the seven-seat version of the Dreamer, the second row of the private customized version is designed on luxurious and comfortable seats that perfectly reflect ergonomics, and is equipped with sleep headrests, independent intelligent control armrest screens, and flagship car refrigerators. At the same time, luxurious configurations such as hidden lift TV, liftable speakers, and air conditioning control panel have been added to the cockpit. In terms of luxury visual creation, the private customized version adds exclusive logo door pillar trim and rear solid wood floor, and cooperates with the second row of ultra-luxury zero-gravity comfortable seats, allowing users to say goodbye to the sense of restraint left and right, and enjoy a noble experience like the first class of an airplane. . The private customized version will also be co-created with users to meet their personalized car needs.

Pure electric + intelligent multi-mode

The CEO and CTO of Lantu Motors said: "The Lantu Dreamer is a brand-new species, which will create a new category of electric MPVs, establish a new benchmark for electric luxury MPVs, and lead MPVs into a new era of electrification and intelligence. Times. Lantu Dreamer is a business-friendly IKEA car. Lantu has signed car purchase agreements with a number of leading companies. Lantu Auto will also help each company's dream, create value for users, and jointly draw a beautiful Chinese dream. Lantu Auto will continue to practice the best service standards in China, so that every car owner can become an MVP on MPV.”

Lanhai Power can support two power schemes of high-performance pure electric and intelligent multi-mode drive, which are respectively applied to Lantu Dreamer 0-carbon version and Lantu Dreamer low-carbon version. Lantu Dreamer 0 Carbon Edition is equipped with front and rear dual motors with a maximum power of 160kW/160kW, a peak torque of 620N m, and an acceleration of 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds, which is the first in the industry. Among them, the standard endurance version of the CLTC has a cruising range of 475 km, and the long endurance version of the CLTC has a cruising range of 605 km. Thanks to the battery that supports fast charging with a maximum power of 230kW, it only takes about 20 minutes to fully charge at 20% to 80% of the power, and it is also easy to travel across cities.

The Lantu Dreamer low-carbon version (hybrid) is equipped with front and rear dual motors with a maximum power of 130kW/160kW, a peak torque of 610N m, an acceleration of 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds, a top speed of 200km/h, and a WLTC battery life of 750km. Electric, no mileage anxiety.

As the most advanced hybrid technology at present, the intelligent multi-mode drive can smoothly switch between pure electric, extended-range series, engine direct drive, hybrid drive and other modes according to different travel scenarios of users. In the urban vehicle scene, the vehicle is driven by the motor to bring the extremely quiet and comfortable driving experience; when the vehicle speed exceeds 70km/h in the high-speed scene, the engine directly drives the vehicle to ensure the economy during high-speed cruising, while reducing the cruising speed and increasing the speed. Quietness; under strong power demand, the hybrid drive of the engine and electric motor can burst into amazing energy, and the rapid acceleration allows you to easily complete the overtaking action; in the low temperature environment, the hybrid drive can not only ensure the normal start of the vehicle, but also ensure that there is a surging power output.

It is worth mentioning that the high-performance pure electric drive technology of the Dreamer 0 carbon version (pure electric) is equipped with the industry's most efficient eight-layer flat wire motor. The motor power and working efficiency are improved. He is the world's first pure electric MPV, with a very high level of luxury, suitable for successful people and business reception.

Relevant information shows that the intelligent multi-mode drive technology of the Dreamer low-carbon version (hybrid) adopts Dongfeng's self-developed 1.5T GDI "China Heart" top ten engine, with a thermal efficiency of 41.07%. The engine direct drive in the scene. Thanks to the intelligent multi-mode drive technology, the low-carbon version of Lantu Dreamer can be fuelled and powered by electricity. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is as low as 1.99L/100km, the urban fuel consumption under WLTC conditions is not higher than 5L/100km, and the fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 7.4L. /100km, achieving a perfect balance of power and economy.

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相较于传统MPV,岚图梦想家在舒适性上全方位领先.岚图梦想家轴距达3200mm,标配豪华双侧电滑门,拥有灵活自如的2+2+3七座,私人定制版2+2四座布局,座座皆首席.作为移动的挑高大平层,岚图梦想家满载7人无需放倒第三排,仍可轻松装载四个24寸行李箱,既可使每个乘员都乘坐舒适,多人出行的行李也能安放妥当.全车提供 41 处储物空间,得益于电驱系统的优势,0碳版车型提供40L前备厢,安全又私密.













岚海动力可支持高性能纯电和智能多模驱动两种动力方案,分别应用于岚图梦想家0碳版,岚图梦想家低碳版.岚图梦想家0碳版搭载最大功率为160kW/160kW的前后双电机,峰值扭矩620N·m,百公里加速可达5.8秒,行业第一.其中标准续航版CLTC续航里程475km,长续航版CLTC续航里程605 km.得益于电池最高支持230kW功率快充,20%~80%电量时充满仅需约20分钟,跨城出行也游刃有余.


岚图梦想家低碳版(混合动力)搭载最大功率分别为 130kW/160kW的前后双电机,峰值扭矩610N·m,百公里加速6.6秒,极速可达200km/h,WLTC续航为750km,可油可电,没有里程焦虑.






相关资料显示,梦想家低碳版(混合动力)的智能多模驱动技术采用东风自研1.5T GDI“中国心”十佳发动机,热效率达41.07%,同时匹配可智能切换的动力模式,支持特定场景下的发动机直驱.得益于智能多模驱动技术,岚图梦想家低碳版可油可电,工信部综合油耗低至1.99L/100km,WLTC工况市区油耗不高于5L/100km,工信部亏电油耗7.4L/100km,实现了动力性和经济性的完美平衡.