Dongfeng 24-56 seat school bus

Place of Origin China
Brand Name DongFeng
Model Number 24-56 seat fuel powered school bus
Minimum Order Quantity 1 unit
Price FCA (price negotiable)
Packaging Details No
Delivery Time 45-60 days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability More than 30 vehicles per month

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Model Dongfeng EQ6100ST6D School Bus
Chapter Chinese 标准版standard version
  Picture Dongfeng 24-56 seat school bus 0
总体参数Overall parameters 长宽高(mm)Length*width*height (mm) 10250*2500*3240(空调AC)/3165(换气天窗Ventilation skylight)/3110(普通天窗Ordinary skylight)
车厢内高(mm)Height inside the carriage (mm) 1900
轴距(mm)Wheelbase (mm) 6000
前悬/后悬(mm)Front overhang/rear overhang (mm) 1175/3075
接近角/离去角(°)Approach angle/departure angle (°) 22/8
厂定最大总质量(kg)Factory maximum total mass (kg) 11000
额定乘员数(人)Rated number of passengers (person) 24-56
最高车速(km/h)Maximum speed (km/h) 80
轮距(mm)Track width (mm) 2050/1800
底盘系统Chassis system 前桥/后桥Front axle/rear axle 德纳桥(4.2T)盘式制动器/德纳桥(7T)鼓式制动器Dana Bridge (4.2T) disc brake/Dana Bridge (7T) drum brake
悬架suspension 多片簧(前7后9)Multi leaf spring (front 7 and rear 9)
转向steering 动力转向 power steering
制动Brake 气刹 干燥器 ABS 自调臂 蹄片磨损报警 冷凝器
Air brake dryer ABS self-adjusting arm shoe wear alarm
轮胎tyre 9R22.5-14PR,爆胎应急装置,胎压监测装置
9R22.5-14PR, tire burst emergency device, tire pressure monitoring device
其他other 铜水箱,尿素电加热,发动机预热装置Copper water tank, urea electric heating, engine preheating device
动力总成Powertrain 发动机型号engine model WP4.1NQ170E61
发动机生产商engine manufacturer 潍柴动力Weichai Power
位置/燃料形式Location/fuel type 前置/柴油front/diesel
发动机类型Motor type 四缸,直列,水冷,增压中冷发动机
Four cylinder, inline, water-cooled, turbocharged intercooled engine
最大功率(kw/r/min)Max power (kw/r/min) 125/2600
最大扭矩(N·m)Max torque (N · m) 600N.m/1300-1900r/min
排量(ml)emission 4088
排放标准(emission standard) National phase VI
车身Body 车身结构Body structure 半承载half bearing
车门及门泵Door and door pump 气动旋转折叠门带防夹装置(外开),后安全门
Pneumatic rotary folding door with anti pinch device (external opening), rear safety door
侧窗Side window 全车下粘接上推拉侧窗,其中应急出口为内置式推拉窗结构(窗中窗),颜色为F绿
The entire vehicle is bonded with sliding side windows, and the emergency exit is a built-in sliding window structure (middle window) with a color of F green
风挡Windshield 前风挡夹胶,后风挡钢化Front windshield adhesive, rear windshield toughened
后视系统Rear view system 手动倒车镜 不锈钢下视镜 内视镜 manual reversing mirror,Stainless steel lower mirror endoscope
空调系统air conditioning system 顶置空调Overhead air conditioning
除霜器Defroster 170w
视听系统Audiovisual system MP3收放机带麦克风插孔,USB充电接口; 360全景环视系统MP3 player with microphone jack and USB charging interface; 360 panoramic view system
卫星定位系统Satellite positioning system 北斗卫星定位行车记录仪具备存储和上传功能(双32GSD卡)5探头+7寸液晶显示器(1,监控司机,2,监控上客门,3,从前往后监控乘客区,4,监控前方路面,5,倒车监控.)The Beidou satellite positioning driving recorder has storage and upload functions (dual 32GSD card), 5 probes, and a 7-inch LCD display (1. monitoring the driver, 2. monitoring the passenger door, 3. monitoring the passenger area from front to back, 4. monitoring the road ahead, and 5. reversing monitoring)
安全巡视系统Security inspection system 安全巡视报警器及安全巡视开关Safety inspection alarm and safety inspection switch
灯具lamps and lanterns 前组合灯具带灯光可调,后圆灯组合,4盏校车标示灯Front combination lamp with adjustable lighting, rear circular lamp combination, 4 school bus signage lights
雨刮器Wiper 顺刮式电动雨刷器Forward wiper electric wiper
舱门Hatch 电瓶舱门,电器舱门Battery compartment doors and electrical compartment doors
座椅chair 中小学生座椅:3+2布置,3个照管座椅,减震司机座椅,司机座安全 Primary and secondary school student seats: 3+2 arrangement, 3 care seats, shock absorbing driver's seat, driver's seat safety
油漆paint 国产色素漆(Y08国标黄)Domestic pigment paint(Y08 National Standard Yellow)
other Secondary parameters The parts and components are constantly updated in production. The above parameters are only for reference and are mainly based on actual vehicles. The core parameters and configuration remain unchanged.
Vehicle design Dongfeng Motor Company
OEM customization Wuhan Junfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.