JF-D60/62EV Nissan

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Jun Feng
Model Number JF-D60/62EV Nissan
Minimum Order Quantity 2 unit
Price FCA (negotiate prices based on different customers)
Packaging Details NO
Delivery Time 30-45 Day
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability Maximum monthly supply effort of 200 vehicles

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Product Description

A few years ago, the rise of new energy vehicles may only be due to the policy. The anxiety of endurance mileage and the sense of patchwork have been bothering consumers who are slow to take action. However, with the innovation of technology and the accumulation of experience, more and more high-quality products appear in front of us. If Tesla is a belief that ordinary consumers can expect but cannot reach, we should return to reality and experience a domestic model that can bring different colors to our lives with down-to-earth and heart. This is the Dongfeng Qichen D60 EV/D62 EV I bring to you today.
Appearance: similar to and different from the fuel version
The issue of replacing oil with electricity is the same as that of the long and short axis. There will always be people to compare with this truth. Here, we can only comment on whether this approach can satisfy consumers' freshness, but the important thing is not to ignore one issue - the value of the product itself. Dongfeng Qichen D60EV has continued most of the exterior design elements of the fuel model, but its V-Galaxy family front face design has abandoned the double chrome plated banner type middle net of the fuel model. The new hexagonal middle net adopts a closed design, and the interior is a dot matrix design. The left and right sides are connected with the sharp headlight set, which is quite fashionable. The design of the front enclosure is also very unique. The chrome plated strips on both sides are similar to the "C" type and the "Y" type fog lamp group have great visual impact.
Interior decoration: at first glance, it looks very "household"
The interior design of Qichen D60 EV is mainly black. Chrome trim strips are added to the door armrest, center console, steering wheel and other parts. The center console is also slightly tilted to the driver's side, which is intended to create a fashionable and sports interior atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that the embedded central control touch screen has a built-in Qichen Zhilian system 3.0, which is compatible with more than 95% of the public charging piles in the market with the map navigation data of Unicom Gaode. In addition, it has personalized language control functions, and supports Bluetooth Internet video projection and other functions.
Space: the battery does not make it "slim"
In the past, the fuel version of the new energy vehicle that changed from oil to electricity did not reserve a place for the battery pack, so this mass production version of the new energy vehicle generally has some shortcomings and regrets in adjustment and space. However, the space performance of the Dongfeng Qichen D60 EV in the actual experience can not obviously feel the compression of the battery volume on the space in the vehicle. The flexible storage space also makes it a competent family car.
Powerful driving: endurance is not its only advantage
First of all, the maximum power of the drive motor of Qichen D60 EV/D62 EV has reached 120kW (163PS), and the energy density of the power battery has exceeded 170wh/kg. The intelligent temperature control system equipped can keep the battery stable at minus 25 to 50 degrees. The driving range under comprehensive working conditions is 481km, but this is not its only advantage. In terms of vehicle tuning, the new car has the same experience as the fuel version. In addition to feeling a little different when you step on the electric switch, sometimes you really feel a fuel car mistake. To be honest, the power of the 163PS car was not very eye-catching at the beginning, and did not give people the feeling of "amazing", but my feeling in the actual experience suddenly changed by half. Compared with Tesla's adrenaline surge feeling, the Dongfeng Qichen D60 EV car may be more able to accompany you to and from work with a calm personality. The initial adjustment of the switch is very linear, without the feeling of "jumping forward", However, it is very similar to many new energy vehicles in that the rear segment does feel a little bit "more than enough". However, don't worry. The speed increasing ability of the common speed range is completely in the first echelon. It is a compliment to say that its linearity is not really weak. The criteria for evaluating new energy vehicles are nothing more than two important features: endurance and the feeling of kinetic energy recovery. The Qichen D60 EV provides a variety of different levels of kinetic energy recovery, which can be adjusted according to needs. There is a lot of water and mud on the day of the test drive, so the tire grip on muddy roads is not very satisfactory. When I adjust the level of kinetic energy recovery to "strong", the motor can produce a more obvious sense of dragging backward, This is more confident than the downshifting experience of traditional fuel vehicles. When adjusted to "weak" in daily driving, it will not cause obvious interference to the braking and driver's intention, which is very commendable. In fact, it is not a disadvantage to say that the feedback force of electronic power assistance is small. After all, new energy vehicles mainly meet the needs of daily walking and short distance self driving. Lighter steering feedback can give drivers a relaxed driving experience. In terms of road feel, the Dongfeng Qichen D60 EV, like its fuel version brothers, is still the kind of tuning and positioning that is heavily biased towards comfort. The suspension system can filter out all kinds of potholes and bumps at the same time at the expense of road feel. It is undeniable that such a setting is perfect for such a model that emphasizes test driving.
Full text summary
As a product for young consumers, Dongfeng Qichen D60 EV/D62 EV is improved from the fuel model. The reduced cost must make a great contribution to the sales price. Considering its power consumption and endurance performance, the cost of 100 km is only 0.07 yuan per km. Regardless of the cost of car use, when we return to the product itself, if we carefully understand it, we will find that the renewal cycle of Dongfeng Qichen's products is relatively long compared with that of competing products, which is a bit like Longxin, a motorcycle manufacturer of the same domestic brand. It is Dongfeng Qichen's goal to have the quality of a joint venture car in the thick and thin hair. Although the appeal to the target consumer groups in terms of appearance design is not great, the D60 EV can still move some people internally. In fact, the competition between the OEMs is a good thing for our consumers. Looking back five years ago, an electric vehicle with a 400km range would be hundreds of thousands of dollars larger, but looking at the current 150000 class car consumer market, we can choose so many excellent products.

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