JF-S3 grand debut promotes the full dimensional advancement of national vehicles

November 20, 2023
Latest company news about JF-S3 grand debut promotes the full dimensional advancement of national vehicles
Grand debut, advanced national vehicle in all dimensions. On November 17, 2023, Dongfeng and Junfeng jointly launched their first masterpiece, the JF-S3, which features ultra large space, as well as four unique configurations in its class, including frameless doors, driver's one key lying flat, fully automatic and remote parking, and ten in one electric drive. It officially opened for pre-sale at the Guangzhou International Auto Show. The new car is positioned as a "Da Mei Intelligent National Car" and is built on the Dongfeng Quantum Architecture 3 platform, with two range versions available: 330km and 430km.

This model has been jointly developed by Junfeng Company and Dongfeng Group with a large amount of resources.

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Rejecting the beauty of imperfection, redefining the national car, and meeting the people's demands for a better life are the goals of Dongfeng Nano. "Chen Meng, the general manager of Dongfeng Nano, said," Space masters, aesthetics bloggers, intelligent control experts, and energy-saving new stars, this is JF-S3- Damei Intelligent National Car.

In terms of body size, the JF-S3 has a length, width, and height of 4030/1810/1570mm, a wheelbase of 2660mm, and a "occupancy rate" of 66.7%, leading in spatial performance among its peers. The entire vehicle adopts a five seater layout, with a "master" level space utilization rate, giving the car excellent rear headroom and internal lateral space, allowing five people and five seats, each of which is a "first-class cabin".

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Above the space, comfortable and advanced. The JF-S3 front seats support 180 ° flat placement and are paired with premium second size twin beds, transforming into a mobile "twin room" and a private "lounge" at any time; Original drawer style passenger island design, instantly transformed into a makeup desk and office desk after pulling, with thoughtful configuration for comfort within reach. It is worth mentioning that the JF-S3 also has the only driver's one click lie down function in its class, allowing the driver to enjoy the driver's seat lying down with just one click, automatically closing the windows, and enjoying a comfortable time lying down.

In terms of cargo capacity, the JF-S3 has an expandable large capacity trunk, which can be extended to 945L when the rear seat is folded down. It is a private storage room that accompanies you to travel around the world.

Aesthetics blogger: Deconstructing the Great Beauty of Vision and Exquisite Sensory Enjoyment

The agile body interprets the beauty of refinement. In terms of body color, the JF-S3 comes in four car colors: worry free white, heart pleasing yellow, leisurely blue, and fantasy purple, showcasing the trendy and authentic colors.

In terms of exterior design, JF-S3 draws inspiration from the beautiful details of urban life, bringing users a beautiful visual experience of physical and mental pleasure. The unique zero bound frameless door of the same level breaks the barriers of spatial boundaries and brings a larger panoramic view; The Star River Time and Space sensing door handle is integrated with the vehicle body, and the sensing is activated, adding a sense of refinement.
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JF-S3 zero boundary frameless door

At the front and rear of the vehicle, the front headlights of the Sunlight Overture and the energetic neon circular tail lights illuminate every journey with dazzling lights. Floating clouds collide with the color of the roof, like floating clouds, presenting a dynamic and natural feeling of fluffiness, lightweight and dynamic. In terms of tires, the 17 inch five pointed meteor wheel hub adopts an outer edge diffusion design, which shines like a five pointed star when rotating rapidly.

Intelligent control expert: Enjoy the rhythm of your heart and stir up travel expectations

Technological advancements make travel easier. As an intelligent control expert who can move without any action, the JF-S3 is equipped with a 12.8-inch intelligent central control screen and the only fully automatic and remote parking function in its class. The entire vehicle is equipped with 4 ambient cameras, 1 intelligent camera, 12 ultrasonic radars, and a 10 meter mobile Bluetooth remote control vehicle to complete parking and storage. It supports vertical, parallel, and oblique multi scene parking spaces, bidding farewell to parking difficulties, and novices can also win over old drivers in seconds.

latest company news about JF-S3 grand debut promotes the full dimensional advancement of national vehicles  312.8-inch intelligent central control screen

Smart upgrade, making travel more reassuring. The JF-S3 is equipped with L2 intelligent driving assistance and has 8 mainstream intelligent driving assistance functions, ensuring safe driving along the way; The entire vehicle is equipped with a new generation of 540 ° surround view system, with the most comprehensive imaging function and transparent chassis in the same class, making it easy to cope with complex driving scenarios, saving worry and peace of mind. In addition, the JF-S3 has also carefully set up an In Car welcome mode, which can wake up the breathing headlights through sensorless activation, unlock the welcome sound effect, and shine the entering atmosphere lights, filling the sense of noble ceremony.

Energy saving new star: Tianxuan is a pioneer with full power, and there is no difference in the future trend

Pioneering technology to promote further advancement in energy efficiency. As the first masterpiece of Dongfeng Nano, the JF-S3 is equipped with the only ten in one electric drive system in its class - the Mach E ten in one electric drive assembly. This electric drive assembly has a high energy efficiency percentage of 91.9%, making it the first electric drive assembly in the automotive industry to achieve efficiency certification exceeding 91%. Under its empowerment, the JF-S3 has a maximum power of 70kW, peak torque of 160N · m, and a maximum speed of 140km/h. It not only has excellent performance, but also has higher endurance reliability and travel economy, making every trip for users both cost-effective and cost-effective.

In terms of range, the JF-S3 has two options of 330/430km, ensuring a safe and reliable range, ensuring a worry free commute every Monday. Paired with a lightning fast charging system that achieves 30% -80% energy replenishment in 30 minutes, users can have plenty of power after taking a coffee break and then set off. In addition, the JF-S3 also supports external discharge function, which can instantly transform into a mobile charging bank, doubling the joy of outdoor camping. It is also equipped with wireless super fast charging for mobile phones, fast phone charging, and ready to use.

As a national car, the JF-S3, designed to enhance the quality of national travel, perfectly embodies the brand value of Dongfeng Nano's "agility, refinement, and vitality". Its "Big Beauty Intelligence" hardcore strength provides a new experience for advanced national cars; Its four unique configurations, including frameless doors, are also a "killer" market, providing the best solution for citizens to embark on an "ultimate beautiful" life. Faced with the multiple demands of consumers for "not only, but also, and more", JF-S3 not only has superior product power, but also has awesome prices, as well as attractive rights and interests. The triple support of products, prices, and rights and interests makes the national pure electricity value experience far ahead, within reach and at any time.